Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sacred Days of Yule Spread

Here's the original website that this spread came from:

I first stumbled upon this one on Aeclectic and took part on a thread in Daily Draw where we all posted either in one post or follow-up posts. It was fun and insightful, so I'm going to start out my Primary Deck Reflections with this one. (This year, I'm using the Deviant Moon Tarot as seen here )

Here it goes:

1. Mother Night of Dreams: - Dec 20th. This card reminds us to look for a particular message in our dreams tonight. The ancients believed that our dreams on this night foretold some of the important events in the coming year.

King of Cups- This King strikes me of the kind of royalty I can respect and admire. He stands confidently on a near circle of sand looking to the our left a splendid chalice, a starfish at his foot, and a star (maybe Venus). Behind a ship is sailing, perhaps it's guided by the star with the help of the King of Cups. The waters is calm, and the King looks happy.

Maybe there will be clarity in my dreams for once with the help of a male guide. It seems like I will only get a message about some of the important events coming up this year, by meditating and smoothing my emotions and following my inner voice which is like my guiding star. That way I'll be able to comprehend what's to come.

*Update: I remember dreaming about flute playing, but I think it was me being anxious about the flute I'm getting in the mail sometime this week. lol Then I dreamed about seeing all the wrinkles in my face and being concerned about the amount and how papery my skin looked. My reaction was like, "Where did the years go!". Maybe the message was to not worry about the time-lines I sometimes enforce on myself or that there are going to be a lot of deadlines for stuff.*

2. Yule - Winter Solstice: - Dec 21st. This card shows us how best to connect to the Light within and without - it symbolizes the Birth of the Sun.

The Fool- I rarely get the Fool nowadays, so it's surprising to see him pop up now. The sleeper with his pajamas on is frolicking in a canal with glee not minding the fish biting into his leg and just going with the flow of things. There's a gondola partially in the card, and it looks like he's outside of the walled city where the moon people live.

Probably the way for me to "connect to the Light within and without" is to take a risk and try new things every once in a while without overthinking it. (Which is a serious problem for me.) I need to be young in spirit again and don't take the setbacks as seriously as I do sometimes. It time for me to become lively and new again in my spiritual practice which I did today.

3. The Time of Beth: - Dec 22nd. This card points to the inner blocks and resistance that is holding us back from following our dreams.

2 of Cups- Death and midnight celebrate their collaboration with each other. Midnight is a beautiful moon woman while death is a well dressed skeleton. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses, but getting together would be advantageous for both. I sense a strong bond built through trust.

As soon as I saw this card, the word trust jumped to the forefront. I think that speaks to my reluctance to trusting anyone that I don't know that well. I tend to shy away as opposed to opening up to people who try to warm to me. I also put up blocks spiritually that I don't need to have up. It's like I have to have a superb tower that protects me inside. It needs to come down because it's stifling most of my friendships and relationships.

4. Hopi Time of Renewal Dec 23rd. This card indicates the best way for us to seek purification and renewal, and to build tolerance for others.

9 of Pentacles- There's a woman with no arms visible who's surrounded by nine pentacles varying in design and color. She's strolling about with a calm, serene attitude with her favorite charm with her. She's wearing a purple coat that looks regal and has a wheel for a foot.

I think that this card indicates that I should be independent and take a stock on all my abilities and other resources that I have and remember it when I doubt myself. Or when I think negatively of myself and my situation. That way it would free up some of my emotions to actually engage with other people without feeling self conscious.

5. Feast of Mothers, Christmas Eve: - Dec 24th. This card shows how we can connect with the spirits of our ancestors for communion and to ask for wisdom and guidance. It is also a time for Christians to reflect on the birth of Christ.

The Devil- Since I'm using the Chinese print of the DM for these readings, the colors are much richer and mat. The devil is prowling on a dead earth where volcanoes and himself rule. His back is turned toward the waning moon and his grin indicates that he looks forward to more mischief. He's the ultimate consumer.

At first, uh-oh popped up in my mind, then I realized that this is telling me to enjoy some of the physical pleasures of life before it's over. A call to action and enjoying my life is what I take from this card. The rich red color reminds me of passion and of an apple. I just need to choose to take a bite once in a while. When I do so, I need to honor my the spirits of my ancestors and try to enjoy this life for them to. Maybe I'll get that stern warning or little voice on the breeze in order to retain order.

6. Festival of Life, Christmas: - Dec 25th. This card shows us how to connect directly with Spirit.

7 of Swords- There's a moon guy laying on his back with various swords laying about with three standing up and two laying down. He's propping a sword on his feet and a sword dangling from the hilt of the foot sword. It's about to drop right down his mouth which is wide open. He's wearing a red and gold outfit with black leggings.

This seems like a warning to be careful and not to rush things spiritually. I should go at my own pace and prepare for whatever I'm planning to do. I shouldn't rush into a decision about the way I want to do something and to weigh my financial options before committing to something fully.

7. Yuletide, Kwanzaa: - Dec 26th. This card shows us how to express nurturance, to attend to our families and to express the protective energy within us towards others.

Page of Pentacles- It looks like this moon person has the face of a regular moon person with a body made from different machine parts. He looks like a teenager piecing together different parts to form his own body. The cape that he wears indicates his achievements thus far and judging by the different mechanisms that forms his body, he's pretty eclectic.

In my life, I should learn how to cook and do other physical tasks for others. I had a conversation with a coworker (in a coffee shop) about how we make our drinks with love. That what makes it delicious. Maybe I should learn how to cook or do other crafts for family and friends. Hmm, this year might have some extra crafting fun.

8. Birth of Freyja: - Dec 27th. This card points to issues of love, luck, artistic and creative expression and female wisdom.

4 of Cups- The moon woman stands on the balcony with four cups. One cup she flings into the ocean filled with vibrant red wine or some type of drink. A viking style vessel leaving on a shiny dark blue seas. There's a key tied to the end of a stray strand of hair in the back.

This is so true when it comes to love, luck, artistic and creative expression in my life! I'm bored with life right now even though I should be excited and busy. My relationship is a little weird right now and settled into a weird dullness. My passion for designing games have somewhat mellowed out, and I don't get pleasure from drawing any more.

However, I think the answer is in the card: I should take the key to my emotional well being to unlock myself from my balcony and set sail on the next ship. This year I should that that key to unlock myself from dwelling on this feeling and to get out on that next ship to set sail instead of throwing away the passion in my life.

9. Feast of Alcyone: - Dec 28th. This card gives us a personal inner message - one that speaks directly to our heart and spirit.

10 of Cups- This card features a wounded father/husband coming back home to his family. His sword is sheathed and his wife embraces him. The toddler he has on his shoulders is unclothed and holds up a coin with a pentacle while the older child is proudly walking around with a stick similar to what's found in the Magician's card. The moon man soldier looks extremely relieved.

This could be a reminder that I'm not alone and have people who I can go to for companionship and understanding. This goes for my spiritual plane as well. It's almost like a call to rest from past emotional scars and to move on with my life. Very relevant to my life right now because I'm slowly but surely making changes to my life.

10. Day of Nymphs - Dec 29th. This card encourages us to connect to our playful side, our inner child and how best to cultivate this aspect of ourselves.

Page of Pentacles- This is my first repeater card! In this instance, this card feels like it's telling me to go back to the inquisitive nature I had when I was younger. Back to the days when I loved going to school and learning about different things on my own. This is extremely relevant because I'm midway through schooling right now. (Yippee!) However, I was getting burned out and didn't feel like I had that pull anymore towards school or my artistic pursuits (drawing and music).

I feel justified in trying to resuscitate those feelings in myself again.

11. Day of Rest: - Dec 30th. This card shows us how to walk our path in a relaxed and confident way....with the ability to deal with stressful situations in a philosophical, detached way.

4 of Swords- A young moon woman is buried underground. There are 3 swords plunged into the ground near her and one buried with her. She's resting and dreaming with roses around her.

This card brings back the feeling of being half awake, half asleep. I love getting rested while having very lively dreams on the edge of waking. I think that this card is advising me to take care of my health and rest when I need it and to fight for time to rest. When people challenge my beliefs, I should just chill out and not feel bullied into giving out an answer to just keep the other person from arguing with me.

I can't believe that the last day is tomorrow! Seems like I just began!

12. New Year's Eve, Hogmanay - Dec 31st. This card shows us how to release the old and let in the new. This relates to both our external lives and our inner being.

5 of Wands- Finally I get a wand card in this spread! Four Wands villagers duke it out with sticks with a single flower with a long stalk watch on top of a hill. The sticks looks like they were made by the people wielding them.

Usually I get stuck when interpreting this card for myself, but I think that I understand now. It's about sticking up for myself in the house as well as out and about. Especially with official matters. Right now, my inner being is a little conflicted. I have many different interests, but now I kind of realize that they aren't really at odds with one another. They are aspects of the same thing, creative expression. (Writing, sketching, music, programming, coming up with computer games) Sometimes I end up arguing with myself about what I should spend more time doing and end up doing nothing. I should just get away from trying to fit into one thing while expanding on all the things that I enjoy.

This spread has been really illuminating! I think that I'm going to use this to kick off my PDR study blog! Thanks Gazel for letting me join in and for remembering to post it up for all of us!