Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm back!

I can't believe that the Summer is over and it's nearly the end of 2010. :-(

There hasn't been much of reading going on because of the juggle between school and work, and worrying about my future career.

Just did a quick reading with the Paulina Tarot to see a good way to proceed to comfort a friend.
I don't want to delve into the details, but I liked how the reading had an underlining theme of hope coming from a traumatic event. :-)


Monday, May 3, 2010

For the Artists spread by Artemis Sans

It took me a day to pick out a nice spread to kick off my first day with the Paulina Tarot! It's "For the Artists" spread by Artemis Sans.

Some Background: I'm taking a visual and audio arts class that focuses on 3d modeling. By the end of the class, I have to complete a level to be used in a game of my design as well as character models, non playable characters, and audio assets to be used. The extent of my artistic prowess lies in choosing unusual, but pleasing colors and I can draw only from looking at a object, not from sight memory either. I never had any type of experience with 3d modeling and is slightly anxious.


1. How the past affects the future
Page of Pentacles ~ I'm the perpetual student who is inquisitive about everything. Right before this class, I bought a Wacom tablet for digital art, like drawing, so I can get used to drawing programs. Very enthusiastic about learning how to draw again. There are a lot of wings in the actual card, and it looks like the young woman is being propelled by her dreams... which may lead to a job, I hope. :)

2. How the project affects you right now
8 of Cups ~ I guess it means the risk I take when going into 3d modeling (never tried sculpturing before) or putting my game idea that I love in front of other people. Getting out of my comfort zone while being led by my artistic spirit. The winds of change are evident in this card, but I feel it means I'm already well prepared. I just need to step out and just do my thing.

3. How to begin the project
The Magician ~ A very busy card to say the least. :) This card reminds me to not try to limit my imagination and to use everything I have and know to make it my own. I have to temper my creative mind in a way to come out with something tangible: A working concept. So far I've come up with a couple of ideas for the story portion of the game, now I have to worry about the gameplay matching it as well as come up with a non-cliched title. I have what it takes to make it happen.

4. How to continue the project
9 of Cups ~ I made sure to make a wish when I first pulled this card. It's telling me that by this point in the project, I need to like and want to share my project. I sense a sort of pride from the woman in the card and her willingness to share. I need to make sure that it's enjoyable to others. Don't want to make something that just serves to stroke my ego!

5. How to finish the project
Page of Cups ~ I need to finish this project with a strong artistic spirit. Maybe listen closely to my artistic muse, and temper my project.

6. How to share the project in a way that will lead to...
Temperance ~ Maybe its telling me that my various creative whimsies and technical know-how can blend together in a way I haven't imagined before. I can make a demo to put on my online portfolio.

7. ...The future
Ten of Wands ~ Hopefully this means that it will lead to a job after graduation or a series of jobs that demand my attention. It could mean that I might be able to freelance for a bit, picking up projects with smaller game development studios, or it could mean that I might be making my own small studio in order to maybe make this into an indie game.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

A slight deviation off course

I haven't been good about blogging my Deviant Moon readings, so I'm thinking about studying my Paulina Tarot for a couple of months. As my life becomes more focused on school and building an adequate portfolio, my readings have changed from relationship and "where am I going" readings to "how can I achieve etc" and advice/signs to pay attention to.

Today's May 1st, so I'm going to read for myself tonight. It's probably going to be about the direction of an artistic class project or how to reconcile my swords' side with my cups' side or connecting with my inner Temperance card. (My project is to create my own 3d level of a game I'd like to create. So my inner artist needs to get along with my logical side.)

-Super-Frog Saves Tokyo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ten of Swords ~ pressure box of thoughts

I picked up the cards today just to do a quick reading to see if the store had the new game in stock. I was expecting to get a regular 3 card draw where I could know what to expect. Partly done to dust the cobwebs off. Anyway the first card I drew was the ten of swords. It struck me that it represented the boxed in feeling and pessimism.

A new meaning for me. (Sorry for the short post. I'm writing this from my phone. :-)

Monday, March 22, 2010

A look at the Tower

Last Friday I had a major headache. An especially achy one. While I was sitting down at the edge of my bed, eating an ice cream bar (cold compress or just eating something cold relieve some headaches), I thought about the Deviant Moon's Tower card.

If everyone spoke using the tarot to convey meanings, I would hand this card to the doctor because it describes perfectly what I was feeling. It felt like a destructive beam was beaming straight in my brain as the aura of the beam describes the fugue I had. The moon people falling from the once mighty tower reminded me of my thoughts that were falling to the wayside.

It's interesting how a tarot association can provide comfort during pain. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Has it been that long *blink, blink*

Whoa, I didn't know it's been more than a month since my last post. I apologize to my fellow tarotistas (just made that up lol), but between family, friends, hormonal changes, and keeping up with my studies, I was intellectually pooped. School took most of my energy because I was taking some challenging courses. However, you'll probably see more of me now. :-)

Even though I was really preoccupied for a month, I still did a daily reading for most of the days. I just recorded them in my tarot blank book. :-) Here's one them:

2/23/10 Influence Spread Deviant Moon

What is bothering me about my study habits?

1) Main issue - Rx Ace of Swords - I'm not studying as well as I need to. Also I'm not asking the questions I need to ask in class because I'm being intellectually lazy. It's there, but I'm not communicating it. Sheathing my sword, it seems.

2)Influence #1- 7 of Swords- It seems like I want to see myself fail than or to pull a last minute save so that I don't have to fail while trying hard.

3)Influence #2- 6 of Wands- I want to succeed and be given the hero's welcome. Stems from being a little too over confident. Once I doubt myself, it takes the wind out of my sails for the last ditch effort. My will falters. I know this, and it's bothering me a lot.

(Since this reading, I manage to turn a failing grade at midterm into a passing grade by the classes end. :) )

Friday, January 15, 2010

To the Eye Doctor!

Today I did a simple three-card spread about my eye doctor visit that I had a little after 3pm. The reason I scheduled the exam was because there was a clear, vein thing irritating my right eye. I was nervous about the visit because I can't afford to have an medical concern at this point of my life. The spread was the beginning, middle, and end of the visit. Here's the cards:

  1. Beginning- 8 of Swords ( Ace of Pentacles)
  2. Middle- Rx Temperance (The Magician)
  3. End- 4 of Pentacles (6 of Cups)
In the beginning I was basically worrying about my health with a number of what-ifs taking over. Then I convinced myself that it was basically high blood pressure manifesting itself or something else lurking in the future. :( It turns out that it was basically nothing. :) In the middle of my exam, the doctor told me that my eyes were very healthy and that the irritation was probably due from being exposed to the cold wind and my eyes being naturally dry anyway. An imbalance ho-ho. Then at the end was the most dreaded point of all - payment time. Since I opted to take some unnecessary tests and had pictures taken of the back of my eye (the coolest thing ever to see!), I thought I had to pay the king's ransom for it. Apparently it only cost $40! What a steal! (I never thought that the 4 of Pentacles could indicate a bargain!, learn something new everyday. :) )