Friday, January 15, 2010

To the Eye Doctor!

Today I did a simple three-card spread about my eye doctor visit that I had a little after 3pm. The reason I scheduled the exam was because there was a clear, vein thing irritating my right eye. I was nervous about the visit because I can't afford to have an medical concern at this point of my life. The spread was the beginning, middle, and end of the visit. Here's the cards:

  1. Beginning- 8 of Swords ( Ace of Pentacles)
  2. Middle- Rx Temperance (The Magician)
  3. End- 4 of Pentacles (6 of Cups)
In the beginning I was basically worrying about my health with a number of what-ifs taking over. Then I convinced myself that it was basically high blood pressure manifesting itself or something else lurking in the future. :( It turns out that it was basically nothing. :) In the middle of my exam, the doctor told me that my eyes were very healthy and that the irritation was probably due from being exposed to the cold wind and my eyes being naturally dry anyway. An imbalance ho-ho. Then at the end was the most dreaded point of all - payment time. Since I opted to take some unnecessary tests and had pictures taken of the back of my eye (the coolest thing ever to see!), I thought I had to pay the king's ransom for it. Apparently it only cost $40! What a steal! (I never thought that the 4 of Pentacles could indicate a bargain!, learn something new everyday. :) )

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad your eye appointment went well and that the cards were so accurate!
    That reminds me it's time for me to schedule an eye exam, as well.....

    :) Leigh