Monday, January 4, 2010

First Reflection Pt.2

This is a continuation of the Celtic Cross spread from the last post, and it will cover the 4th and 5th in the reading.

For the past influence card (4th), I pulled the 8 of Swords. I'm working with the Chinese print of the deck and was able to see something that I never noticed before with the first deck. Vapors or fumes coming from the horizon in the portion of sky that shows a hint of the sun that is about to rise. This is pretty significant to me because it looks like another set of vapors is being issued by the Deviant Moon to the woman.

In the recent past, I used to defer to some of my negative thinking patterns because I thought it was the truth. I felt like the moon woman in the cards, completely exposed and under it's sway semi-knowing that if I kept following them, I would skewer myself. The sun's vapors (or influence) could mean that the truth was always there, I just didn't seek it out for myself a lot.

The 5th card, the one that crowns me or my goal, Judgment. A strong angel blows a horn that wakes those who were dead. The moon angel stands out because he's full of color and energy whereas those who were resurrected are drab, but coming back to life. It looks like the moon angel is passing on his vitality in order to do this through his horn. I identify with the newly resurrected and am working towards coming back to life creatively, personality-wise, and spiritually. This is my goal right now and this card also verifies that the reading is on point.

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